Plutus Strategies affiliate company Taoudeni Resources have successfully completed a fund raising through a private London based investment fund. The funds will be used to progress the companies interested in Mauritania, West Africa where the company believes there is signicant potential for large base metal deposits. The funds will be used to establish the relevant vehicles, company infrastructure and apply for licences already identified as prospective. Remaining funds will be used to conduct an initial phase of exploration work.

Taoudeni Resources, a new copper explorer

This capital raising represents the first significant funds to be raised by Taoudeni Resources and the beginnings of operations for the juior explorer. The company was established to pursue the exploration potential of Mauritania, particluarly for copper. The company has a strong board consisting of Niall Tomlinson (Executive Director), Paul Haywood (Executive Director), Ryan Long (Non-Exec Director) and Charles Vaughan (Non-Exec Director). Niall, a Chartered Geologist, and Paul are both Directors of Plutus Strategies with significant experience in the exploration sector and both have operational experience in Mauritania. Ryan, a qualified geologist, is a Director of Equity Research at Northland Capital Partners and Charles is VP of Institutional Sales at Dundee Securities having previously held positions at Casimir Capital and Northland Capital Partners.